Military Welcome Home Sayings

military welcome home sayings quotes

Here are some special and clever sayings to welcome home the heroes in our lives. It is one of the greatest feelings to know the one you love so very much, that has been away for so long is finally coming home.

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  1. 8 months I’ve held you in my heart, today I will hold you in my arms.

    Mrs Ray

  2. His eyes are blue. His boots are black. get out of my way, my
    soldier is back!


  3. I would wait for you forever but 8 months is long enough.


  4. 300 days apart, 500 emails sent, Having my husband home. Priceless.

    Lonnie B

  5. Missed Me, Missed Me, now you got to kiss me.


  6. Get out of my way, I get my daddy back today.


  7. The thought of having you near, brings so much joy I shed a tear.


  8. For you my heart did yearn, I’m so glad for your safe return.


  9. Hey Baby Welcome back, can’t wait to get you in the sack!


  10. Now that you’re back in my arms, the day is just so much brighter.


  11. Your sweet embrace puts a smile on my face.


  12. You make my grey days sunny, I hope you know I missed you honey.


  13. My heart sounds like a drum, because back to me you have come.


  14. You put joy in my heart, and my soul at ease, now that you’re back life is like a breeze.

    Harry Bee

  15. Having you back enriches my soul, I love you so I hope you know!


  16. The vast voids of my heart are now filled, to have you back I’m so thrilled.

    Brilliant One

  17. You were always in my heart, now I get to have you in my hands.


  18. For your safe return I did pray, I ‘m glad to have you back today!


  19. Nothing can be so pure and true, than the joy I feel to be back with you.


  20. Welcome back Papa Bear, Having you back nothing can compare.


  21. My love for you is so true, I’m so glad to be back with you.


  22. What a sensation to have you near, now that you’re back there is nothing to fear.


  23. Nothing better than seeing my dad, having you back makes me so glad!


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