Good Morning Sayings

A good day starts with a good morning; so start your day off right with a cheerful attitude and a clever saying.

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  1. A good cup of coffee, A nice piece of toast, It’s the time of day, We like the most.


  2. Good Morning Honey, open your sweet eyes, A beautiful day ahead of you lies.


  3. The sandman is gone, Your eyes open wide, So embrace the day, With utmost pride.

    Moon Man

  4. A couple of eggs, A nice glass of juice, It’s the time of day, To really let loose.


  5. The sun’s in the sky, The rooster’s made his call, So hop out of the bed, And enjoy it all.


  6. Awaken now and drink your brew, for a whole new day awaits for you.


  7. Open your eyes, the world is yours for the taking, anything is possible so time to start waking.


  8. Another day on life’s road, anything can unfold, but one thing is true, and that’s my love for you. Good Morning Love.


  9. It’s a whole new day and it’s yours for the taking, opportunities are endless so time to start waking.

    Violet Eyes

  10. Good Morning my dear, no need to fear, for a new day has begun, enjoy this morning sun.


  11. Good Morning to the one who brings me such delight, may your day be full of laughter and light.


  12. A good slice of ham, A biscuit or two, It’s just what we need, To see the day through.


  13. The birds are singing, The grass covered in dew, A good time to say, Good morning to you.


  14. The best time of day, Is right at the dawn, It gives you the boost, You need to go on.


  15. Morning’s upon us, So rise and shine, The day is all yours, The day is all mine.


  16. The beauty of sunshine, The beauty of frost, That first part of the day, Should never be lost.

    Sweet Splender

  17. Some people like noon, Some people like night, I like the morning, The time is just right.


  18. Put on the grits, Put on the bacon, This time of day, Is right for the taking.


  19. The day is new, Good Morning to you, wishing you joy in all you do, to last you all day through.


  20. It’s time to get up from your nap, And shake the sleep away, Put a little spring into your snap, And start a whole new day.


  21. Up with the sun, as the sunbeams glow, it’s a brand new day, And away we go.

    Free Spirit

  22. A song of the robin, A song of the dew, A song of a new day, To see you through.


  23. The smell of ham, The smell of egg, A new day is here, So shake a leg.


  24. The beauty of sunbeams, Bright on the lawn, Bring us new hope, So welcome the dawn.


  25. A little bit of java, A little bit of grits, A little bit of morning, feels like pure bliss.


  26. When you hear the birds call and see the rising sun, You have to get up, And keep moving on.


  27. The rays of the sun, The new day mist, Another morning is here, So what’s to resist?


  28. A bowl of cornflakes, A cup of tea, A new day wakes, For you and me.


  29. The cardinal is singing, The sun’s in the sky, It’s another morning, Don’t let it pass you by.

    Orange Sky

  30. The night is over, A new day’s begun, One full of promise, For you and everyone.


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