Funny Thanksgiving Sayings

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when you unite with the ones you love dear. But it can soon turn into a disgrace when someone ends up with pie in their face. Here are some funny sayings about Thanksgiving that will bring out the humor of this time of the year.

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  1. Today is the day we are grateful with our whole heart and eat so much until we fart

  2. Like the brownies my family is mostly sweet with a few nuts

  3. If only I could relate to these people I’m related to

  4. Thanksgiving: The only day its ok to overeat and be lazy

  5. If Thanksgiving gives you a weird sensation, it could be gratitude or the indigestion.

  6. This is a day the family will reunite, Please don’t let it turn into a fight.

  7. Eat enough till we stuff, Then we slouch on the couch.

  8. Give thanks and show appreciation then over-eat and get constipation.

  9. Be careful that too much you don’t eat, or your belly will grow and you won’t see your feet.

  10. Don’t worry about your weight this Thanksgiving, you can set it as a New Years resolution.

  11. Everybody gets along in this place or cranberry sauce will end up in your face.

  12. It takes one chef to stuff a turkey, but you have to squeeze him in.

  13. Thanksgiving Day, what a sensation, oh wait that’s just the constipation.

  14. Thanksgiving is near, A time of good food and good cheer, oh and don’t forget the beer.

  15. Beer + Football + Turkey = Best Thanksgiving ever

  16. I’ll be feeling just fine, after you bring a cup of wine.

  17. Gobble Gobble Gobble, Eat so much and you will wobble

  18. Thanksgiving a time for cheer, and to gobble down the turkey and beer.

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