Funeral Flowers Sayings

Here are sayings, messages and poems for funeral flowers. Show sympathy and bereavement while also offering an uplifting message.

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  1. Sending beautiful flowers, To brighten up your room, To let you know, Though loved ones go, Their memories forever bloom.

    Loretta Jones

  2. Blossoms colorful, fragrance sweet, Like memories of life, they are beautiful treat.

    Tiny Bee

  3. A rose for your mantle, A tulip for your den, A flower for all the days, Your heart remembers when.


  4. Flowers of different colors, Beautiful and bright, For all the sweet reminders, Of one who gave you light.

    Peter Piper

  5. Petals to comfort, Petals to remind, Of one whom you loved, Forever in the mind.

    NYC Mind

  6. A Violet in Summer, A Daisy in Spring, Like memories of life, Time will always bring.

    Bright Eyes

  7. Petals in winter, Petals in fall, Like memories of life, Your heart will recall.


  8. A gentle reminder, A garden will grow, As with the memories, Of one you loved so.

    Sweet Angel

  9. Flowers are picked, From the ground every day, But the memories of loved ones, Will never fade away.

    Blue Sky

  10. Flowers remind us, Be it Crocus or Clover, The life of a loved one, Is never truly over.


  11. With time these flowers will fade away, but memories of love will always stay.


  12. Flowers remind us, Be it bittersweet or balm, That memories of loved ones, Carry us through calm.

    Caring Soul

  13. Dandelions bright, A sweet daffodil, Reminders of life, That stay with us still.

    Sole Sister

  14. A bud of everlasting, A bud of elder flower, A bud for all the memories, That keep you every hour.

    Rainbow Chaser

  15. Like the seed of a flower, In time it will grow, So will seeds of memories, Of loved ones we know.

    Star Gazer

  16. As seeds bloom, and blossoms flourish, in time of sadness, I am here to nourish. If you need me, I’m a call away, Call me anytime, night or day.


  17. May these flowers bring light and joy to your days, and may memories of loved ones warm your heart like bright sun rays.

    Happy One

  18. Cherish these blossoms, And hold them to your heart, Like loved ones who were lost, They are God’s work of art.


  19. The sun is up, It’s a brand new day, the road of life can get hard, but love helps along the way.


  20. Petals from a fuchsia, Or from a flowering reed, Like memories of a loved one, They touch your life indeed.

    Florist Girl

  21. A bud of gerbera, A bud of gladiolus, A bud for all the memories, That always stay with us.

    Poem Writer

  22. The fragrance of the honey flower, The beauty of the holly, The memories of a loved one, Whose life was bright and jolly.


  23. Magnolias are lovely, And maple is sweet, Like memories of loved ones, Who made us complete.

    Lovely Linda

  24. An oak in the meadow, or an orchid in bloom, Like memories of loved ones, We’ll always have room.


  25. Like a beautiful windflower Or a yarrow in the breeze, The memories of a loved one, Will carry us with ease.


  26. The sight of a sunflower, The beauty of sage, Stay with us like love ones, When life turns the page.


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