Earth Day Sayings

Here are Earth Day Sayings and Quotes to express the importance of going green and taking care of our Earth. We can all lend a hand to save the land.

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  1. The sky is blue, the grass is green, Let’s celebrate Earth in every scene.

    London Bridge

  2. The ocean is clear, the sand is white, Let’s celebrate Earth both day and night.


  3. The moon is bright, the stars are out, That’s what our Earth should be about.


  4. We see the clouds, we see the sun. A planet like ours, there’s only one.

    Cloudy Mind

  5. How clean the air, how blue the sea, Keep it green for all to see.


  6. Fish got to swim, birds got to fly, biodiversity is best for you and I.

    Sweet Smile

  7. Save a horse, save a tree, Save the earth for you and me.


  8. May the flowers bloom, May the lion roar, May the earth be our room, Forever more.


  9. Ride the dolphin, Ride the wind, Embrace the earth, And take it in.


  10. Our friend is the tiger, Our friend is the dove, Our friend is the Earth, May we show it love.


  11. Keep it green and clear the path, so future generations can smile and laugh.


  12. A future for our land, A future for our water, So we may have a future, For our sons and our daughters.


  13. A kind of earth for beings, Be it two-legged or four, Is just the kind of earth, We should be working for.

    Treasure Hunter

  14. How fresh the peaches, How ripe the corn, A more beautiful Earth, Has never been born.


  15. Over the river and through the woods, Remember our Earth created these goods.

    yellow sky

  16. The gull flies the sky, The whale swims the sea, Take care of our Earth, And this will always be.


  17. Distortion of the Earth makes our lives come undone, If we pull together, We’ll always see the sun.


  18. The fragrance of the roses, The growing of the wheat, The calmness of the earth, Makes our lives complete.

    Captain Hook

  19. The blessing of sunshine, The blessing of rain, The blessing of a clean Earth, Can surely be our gain.

    Bright Eyes

  20. A clean and sparkling Earth, A gift we all can leave, A promise that our children, Can freely live and breathe.

    NYC Gal

  21. Running through the meadow, Running through the field, Running through the earth, Without a need for shield.

    Cool Dude

  22. I’ll pick you a daisy, You’ll pick me a plum, this Earth day will be, so grand and so fun.


  23. The smog by day, The smoke by night, An Earth like this, Can never be right.


  24. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, A cleaner Earth can take us far.

    Man on the Moon

  25. We’ll fly with birds, We’ll run with the deer, As long as the earth, remains clean and clear.

    Loretta Jones

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