Cute Christmas Sayings

Here are Cute Christmas Sayings and Quotes that will put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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  1. Let the lights shine, Let the snow glisten, Watch the children smile as they look up and listen.


  2. In a magical land covered in white, elves work hard day and night, in hopes that the toys will be delivered soon, under a Christmas tree in the night under a full bright moon.


  3. Nothing can compare to Christmas joy in the air.


  4. Christmas Eve: A night so cold with so much warmth.

    Pretty Lilly

  5. Let the soulful voices sing, let the Christmas Jingle bells ring. For tonight is the night, family and friends reunite.

    Sweet Soul

  6. Christmas joy shines and glistens, it’s a time to love and listen.


  7. Rest the weary soles of your feet, and munch on Christmas cookies and treats.

    Ashley ray

  8. Christmas is a magical time for children to dream, as their imaginations wonders with eyes full of gleam.

    Sandy D

  9. The magic of Christmas, What a sight to be seen, A child’s imagination wonders and their eyes gleams.

    Sandy D

  10. If you want to feel rich at Christmas time, count all the things you have that money can’t buy.

    Cute quotes

  11. Gather around the Christmas tree, Exchange gifts for you and me. No other time quite as magical as this, these memories we make I always will miss.

    Donna Marie

  12. Dashing through the snow, what more can I say, over the fields we go, All on Christmas day.


  13. It’s ok if your pockets are empty at Christmas time so long as your heart is full.


  14. Time with family sure is sweet, Nothing I need more to make my Christmas complete.


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