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    This is a sample contact form ( via free, highly popular Contact Form 7 Plugin). You can place it wherever you want, even multiple times with different attributes. [contact-form-7 id=”358″ title=”Contact form 1″] More

  • Thanksgiving Card Sayings

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    Here are some clever and memorable sayings you can put in thanksgiving cards, notes, emails and more. A great way to spread some Thanksgiving Spirit and to show friends and family that you are thinking about them this holiday season. More

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  • Funny Thanksgiving Sayings

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    Thanksgiving is the time of the year when you unite with the ones you love dear. But it can soon turn into a disgrace when someone ends up with pie in their face. Here are some funny sayings about Thanksgiving that will bring out the humor of this time of the year. More

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  • Family Love Sayings

    Here are family love sayings and quotes. There is nothing in this world like the love of a family. Vote for the best and add one of your own. More

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